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Choose Accessibility on the top right corner of the screen to change the display font size and background colour.  These settings will remain in place until you change them again. 

Accessibility options will not affect the display of individual exercises, diagnostic tests and resources.

How do I cite statstutor resources?

If you need to cite a statstutor resource, this should be done in the same way that you would cite another web resource, for example:

Author (year) Resource name <url> Date accessed.

How do I find resources?

Find the statistics resources most relevant to your needs by selecting from the menu buttons on the left:

  • Case Study - select a case study that seems relevant to the type of analysis you are interested in undertaking;
  • Topic - if you know the statistics topic you wish to find out more about then choose from the list here;
  • Resource type - choose a resource type and then select the topic you would like;
  • Let me choose- search for resources by entering keywords.  Search on a blank keyword to see a list of all resources for your chosen resource type.

Resources and materials may be filtered for students and/or staff when finding resources.

Resources from other projects and universities